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I have been very selective with the samples you gave me; I wanted to make sure I used them on the best coat types, and skin. I have to say, I am VERY impressed with the out come, not only did the dogs come out with softer coats and lovely smelling, but my hands were much softer and my skin was not as dry, that in the grooming world is very big!!!


Spa day has never been so good! I am a professional dog groomer and since I have started using Ochah products, my clients and I have noticed a wonderful difference in their pets. They quit itching as much or completely, the pets are so soft and they are calmer for their grooming. I highly recommend giving Ochah products a try! Thanks Amal and everyone at Ochah for a great product that actual does what they claim and for the top notch customer service

Judy, Whiskers to Tail Mobile Dog Grooming

I really liked the mineral mud shampoo. It left the dogs coat feeling super soft and super shiny! The actual mineral mud was amazing as well. I used it on one of the larger standard poodles I groom and it left her hair feeling great. Very soft and easy to brush out. 

Ashley, Woofgang Bakery and Grooming